Honest Earth Candles


Honest Earth Candles

 We despise chemical fragrances and synthetics! If you do too our candles & melts are perfect for you. We are Honest Earth Candles. We are a military owned business dedicated to providing products that are eco-friendly and free of synthetics for everyone to enjoy. In everything we do, we adhere to our motto: Good for You – Good for Earth. As a Natural Health Consultant and Environmentalist our aromatherapy candles are created with a holistic purpose. The idea of Honest Earth Candles was born after completing my BA in Environmental Studies and realizing how many products we use in our homes and around our families that are dishonest in character and toxic in nature. It concerned me how many products are on the market labeled as "all natural" or "eco-friendly" yet still contain harmful chemical additives; in the world of candles these toxins are burned into the air that you and your loved ones breathe. With three young children in my home and being an avid candle burner myself, it was imperative for me to create a product that is in every sense 100% natural. In order for a product to truly be 100% natural and eco-friendly, every ingredient must be held to a standard of superior quality, and that is what we offer. It is my pleasure to introduce Honest Earth Candles with all those who share the same passion of healthy living and creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Our Honest Earth Candles are made of U.S. produced 100% natural NON GMO soy wax that makes a wonderful moisturizer when melted, and are scented with only 100% PURE essential oils that are Aromatherapy grade.  


...Good for you 

                • 100% natural NON GMO soy wax 
                • Metal and lead free wicks
                • Free of color additives
                • 100% pure essential oil
                • Virtually no black soot
                • Aromatherapy grade
                • Burns slower and cooler than paraffin wax
                • Cleans up easily with soap and water
                • Soy wax meets FDA standard
                • Kosher certified soy wax
                • Free of Genetically Modified Materials
                • Spa quality massage oil and hand moisturizer

 ...Good for Earth 
                • Zero dependence on foreign oil
                • Biodegradable soy wax
                • Not tested on animals
                • Free of palm wax  
                • Recyclable packaging
                • Reusable containers
                • Supports U.S. farmers
                • Zero waste for landfills
                • Sustainable production practices
                • NO frosted glass 
                • NO petroleum products used
                • Free of pesticides and herbicides
                • Free of synthetics 

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