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 Honest Earth Candles

Honest Earth Candles are a line of eco-friendly Positive Affirmation candles that make unique inspirational gifts for moms and grandmothers. Some of our positive affirmations include: Create the things you wish existed and Today I choose happiness. Our candles are a unique way to spread some light and inspiration every day mom or grandma lights her uplifting Honest Earth Candle.

Its healing wax candles are Good for You and Good for the Earth! Our candles use no synthetics or toxic chemicals in production. They use only 100% Non GMO soy wax farmed in the USA and only use 100% pure essential oils (free of pesticides and lab created fragrances) to scent its candles. As an added bonus the melted wax doubles as a hand moisturizer / massage oil.

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Honest Earth Candles