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My name is Susan Winkie and I am the owner and inventor of Kisstletoe® - Real Mistletoe Pendants.

Years ago when I first saw mistletoe growing in our local mountain oak trees, I fell in love. I had no idea mistletoe was a parasite, and always wanted to do something with this old tradition. When the idea of Kisstletoe® was born, I knew that it had to give back. The MALALA FUND was perfect! She is about empowering girls.

Kisstletoe® is fun and playful, but its essence gives girls the power and control of a kiss. A perfect match!

2014 was basically spent figuring out how to bottle mistletoe! We went through many variations before finding the perfect combination of size, sparkle and function!

Kisstletoe® is poised for the 2015 Holiday Season! We truly are a grass roots company - making a difference with a unique product that's playful and meaningful at the same time.  



Kisstletoe® - Real Mistletoe Pendants