Kathryn Brooks


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Kathryn, CEO of She's Her Own CEO® and Kathryn Style Boutique®, knows and loves shopping and fashion, and she also knows working in the real world.  As an MBA with a successful career at a Fortune 100 global company, Kathryn has deep experience in corporate finance, brand management, and marketing operations. She was named to the Board of Visitors at the Georgia Gwinnett College School of Business and to the President's Advisory Council at Oglethorpe University.

Having a talent for fashion as well as numbers, she has been asked almost daily about her personal style -- "Where did you get that?  I want that look!  I want all of that!"

Drawing on her entrepreneurial skills, studies in the arts, travel, shopping skills, and good taste, Kathryn created Kathryn Style Boutique, where style lovers can access personally selected items in jewelry and fine accessories, clothing trends, crystal and party pieces, and lifestyle decor.

Kathryn knows and understands what fabulous Ladies and Gentlemen love...looking fashionable, attending concerts, entertaining at home, rocking a hot look at the beach, and creating fun with family and friends.  Her product selections are fun yet sophisticated, with a youthful vibe, for cool people of all ages.

Enjoy shopping at She's Her Own CEO® and Kathryn Style Boutique!  You'll love these collections!