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hairbanglez is excited to introduce the first, patent pending bangle bracelet that will turn your hair elastics into stylish bracelets. When hairbanglez’s founder Karin Zannella decided to create this beauty accessory line, she was on her 2-hour train commute home to Connecticut from her corporate job in NYC, frustrated with her hair tie and brainstorming about a new, creative way to wear and store her elastic.
That night she immediately ravaged through her bracelets and began creating prototypes of what would soon become the "hairbangle". After tons of ideation, feedback from friends and family and a little bit of blood, sweat and tears, the hairbanglez brand was born just as Karin was about to welcome her first son into the world in late 2011.
“I've never left home without a hair band around my wrist,” says Karin. “While functional and convenient, it certainly wasn’t pretty, fashionable or comfortable due to the red indent it usually left behind. I wanted to create something functional and stylish that caters to women of all ages and backgrounds sporting the classic hair band. Be it to make a hairband more appropriate for work attire or a formal party, a fun addition to a unique jewelry collection or easy access for a mom-on-the-go.”
While hairbanglez is her passion, Karin has spent most of her professional career in sales and marketing for various CPG companies. She lives happily at the beach in Connecticut with her husband and two sons; Grey and Dex.