Kami Darnell


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I grew up on a large family-owned farm in the heart of Kansas.  Although my parents worked hard to build it into a thriving business, I dreamed of big cities and exotic destinations.  I started my travel-the-world quest at the tender age of eighteen, and spent the summer after high school backpacking Europe.

Fast forward several years, I settled down and started my family with my globe-trotting husband.  Our son was born prematurely - a micro-preemie - and I made an important career change. I became a full-time stay-at-home mom.

When I started looking for new business opportunities, I turned to my travel experiences. Inspired by products seen and purchased abroad, I created Simple Sarongs, combining the idea of a buttonable beach towel with fashionable designs and prints not typically seen on beach towels.

I took everything you love about your favorite towel - the softness, the thinness (who wants to deal with a too-thick beach towel?), the absorbency, and made it so pretty that you would want to wear it.  And now you can - with cute and cleverly-placed buttons and buttonholes, it easily buttons into a Simple Sarong.