TuneUp: When Your Facebook Gets Hacked, Who Do You Call? And What Happens To Your Life And Business?


OMG, She Got Facebook Compromised And Lost Everything

Sabina Hitchen, a Public Relations Strategist & Expert, as well as an on-air TV personality for Wow-Worthy Small Biz Discoveries, had her Facebook compromised. Sabina runs part of her business coaching businesses about PR on Facebook in a Community Group. And let's not forget all of her new baby photos that she feeds her friends with daily.

When her Facebook account got hacked, she lost control of it and was unable to access her business Community Group or those baby pictures. Sabina is the former business partner and co-creator of Tin Shingle. She generously is pulling the curtain back to reveal her traumatic experience in order to help others avoid the same fate.

Change your passwords as often as you change your toothbrush! And that means that you must remember to change your toothbrush! Every 3 months is recommended.

Today we found out:

  • When it happened.
  • How she knew.
  • What she did right after.
  • If there was anyone to call.
  • No one to call? So who did she call?
  • What she has learned since.
  • The impact her Instagram.
  • If any other platforms, banks, emails, were impacted.

Sabina told us allllll about the dark web (well, as much as she learned), getting in touch with any facebook support, etc.


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