TuneUp: Interview With TV Writer and Creator Patty Carey


Interview With TV Writer and Creator Patty Carey

Patty Carey is one of New York City's most well known Location Managers for film and television, having location managed such films including The Greatest Showman, Rent, The Weather Man, Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange, Ted 2, 27 Dresses and others.

But 2018 was her breakout year when she wrote her first script, "Half Life," that won the first #GreenlightHer competition from New York City's Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, which produced 5 episodes of the series.

"Half Life" takes a comedic look at a NYC mom trying to reboot her stalled screenwriting career without letting the rest of her life fall apart - moms can have a midlife crisis too.

In this TuneUp, we found out:

  • How Patty went from Location Managing to writing.
  • How she very quickly promoted the film to beat out 300 other writers.
  • What life was like behind the camera of her own show - versus someone else's.
  • Where Patty is now in her home life with her kids, and how Distance Learning is working its way into her already compromised career life.
  • What she is writing now - and if she gets blocked.
  • Where is she now and how she is staying relevant during this pandemic (hint: she's been clam digging...).
  • Where she sees film and TV going now during this pandemic, and if she sees hope for scripts getting picked up right now.


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