TuneUp: 8 Things I Learned After Deleting Facebook From My Phone


It's happening. The deletion of Facebook apps from people’s phones - or from their lives entirely - as revelations continue to come out as to how invasive Facebook's social tactics are. Even Lisa Paige from PopCrush Nights deleted Instagram for her phone for a day, and was so happy.
Tin Shingle’s owner Katie is a Digital Marketing Strategist, and has deleted Facebook Personal and Business apps from her phone, but still uses the platform for marketing.
Deleting the easy access revealed much about Facebook’s design, what’s working and not working with it, and how to reach the people who are still communicating with each other on the platform.
This isn't a TuneUp to slam Facebook, but to highlight the parts of it that you should pay attention to, in your broad marketing plans where time continues to shrink as more content grabs our attention. Namely:

Showing Up. Having a pulse on Facebook. People are checking out your brand page, and want to see life.

Shopping. Facebook is investing into the shopping game as buying via Instagram takes off. Instagram shopping is connected to your Facebook account. The only way to link to products on your website from your Instagram post is via Facebook's Ad Manager, so you can’t cut the cord just yet.

This TuneUp will cover:

Design: What is hurting Facebook's design, and why your message may be getting buried.

Facebook as a Creative Crutch. Are you reaching as many people as you think?

Never Satisfied. There's a reason you're hooked.

FOMO Fuels Everything

When Facebook Goes Dark

Facebook Can Still Track You, Despite Being Deleted From Phone

So How Should You Use It For Marketing?

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