[PR] TuneUp Top Tweaks and Changes You Can Make to Your PR Pitches for Media Coverage


Does it feel like you're sending out pitch after pitch but getting nothing in response? Is your lack of publicity stumping you? Not sure where to make changes or what is holding you back from big press?  On this #TuneUp webinar, PR-pro Sabina Hitchen lists her Top Tweaks and Changes you can make to your pitches and PR campaign.

Covered In This Webinar

  • Media Contacts
    What to ask yourself about the media contacts you're making outreach with before sending one more pitch.
  • Phone vs. Email
    Is your method of pitching holding you back?
  • Are You Sending Press Releases?
    Do you need to be? Should you be switching from press releases to pitches? We'll discuss...
  • Rules
    What rules should your biz be following in terms of how often you should pitch and how often you should follow up if you want to get major media coverage?
  • Layout
    Mistakes you want to be sure you aren't making in your pitch in terms of layout.
  • Missed Opportunities
    One of the biggest missed opportunities Sabina sees small  biz owners make in terms of their PR outreach planning.

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