[PR]: #TuneUp Pitching Short Lead Media for Valentine's Day Press


Valentine's Day is a time for gift-guides, love experts, anti-Valentine's Day themes, and so many more angles. All you need to do is get your ducks in a row and make a strategy. For national coverage in glossy magazines, aka "long lead" media, preparation and pitching is done in October, or 3-6 months prior to February 14th. Pitching is done again in January for press opportunities with "short lead" media outlets. This podcast is designed to give you guidance on what you will be pitching to the media in January and early February.

Covered in this Podcast

This class is dedicated to helping you as a small business owner plot how you will pitch your business to "short lead" media outlets like TV, blogs and weekly magazines and newspapers for Valentine’s Day press coverage. Tin Shingle's Guest Expert, Jamie Werner, Director of PR for Moderne Press, answers the following questions during this podcast:

  • "How soon can a business begin pitching Valentine’s Day to "short lead" outlets (blogs, television, newspaper, website, and weekly magazines)?"
  • "What types of press do you recommend going after for Valentine's Day?"
  • "If I have an accessories or fashion product, should I be pitching stylists too?"
  • "What items does any business need to prepare to pitch the press for Valentine’s Day?"
  • "What type of research (in terms of outlets and contacts) should a small business do prior to pitching Valentine's Day?"
  • "How do you decide what images and products to feature in a pitch letter?"
  • "Should I mention past press and buzz for my product or leave it out of the pitch?"
  • "Do you recommend calling or emailing short lead media?"
  • "What are some recommendations for how to create a catchy and clear subject line?"
  • "What rules of follow up do you follow when pitching short lead press for holidays like Valentine's Day?"
  • "Should I expect to send an outlet a sample or just images when pitching?"
  • "If I send a reporter or editor a sample of a product for a Valentine's Day story, how can I protect and track my sample?"
  • "I’ve been told that it your chances for getting a press 'hit' increase when you have a relationship with the editor or reporter. What are some tactics you use to grow relationships?"
  • "Do companies that offer affiliate links have a leg up to landing press, so that a blogger or website owner can earn money off of their recommendation in a roundup?"
  • "Who are popular bloggers in Fashion, Home Décor and Fashion right in 2014/2015?"
  • "What are some things I can do to leverage my Valentine's Day hit after it happens?"
  • "Do you send thank you notes or emails or gifts after a press hit happens?"
  • "Are you always told by a reporter or editor if your material was used in a press story?"
  • "Do you ever go after editors or producers on Twitter if they aren’t responding via email?"

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Jamie Werner, Moderne PressJamie Werner is the PR Director at Moderne Press, a San Francisco based boutique public relations agency, that represents brands in the fashion, home décor, and lifestyle industries. The media strategists at Moderne Press feel passionately about working with boutique and small business brands, and value establishing the brand's voice in order to heighten that brand’s visibility. Moderne Press has placed clients in a variety of media such as People StyleWatch, Real Simple, Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Brides, InStyle, Good Morning America, Vanity Fair, DailyCandy and Apartment Therapy among many others. Follow Moderne Press on their website, www.modernepress.com, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


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