[PR] TuneUp: How To Write The Perfect Pitch (Template Included!)


This TuneUp covers how to write the perfect pitch. You will be emailing this to your intended media target.

Hot Spots You'll Want To Master

We will be going over the "Hot Spots of a Pitch" which include:

  • Subject Line
  • Body Copy
  • Images
  • Links

Who Is Receiving Your Pitch?

Additionally, we will go over the psychology of a pitch to the media - both yours and your writer/producer you are writing to:

  • Realizing who you can email.
  • Breaking free of the "Wait, why don't they ever feature me?" mindset that will get you zero media coverage.
  • Capitalizing on jealously when your competitor or other business you admire is featured in the media.

Resource Tools

And lastly, tools you'll need for a great pitch, including:

  • Templates. Members of Tin Shingle will get free templates of pitches. Regular viewers will get to see them on screen during this webinar.
  • Pitch Whisperer: Learn how to use Tin Shingle's exclusive and original Pitch Whisperer online tool for editing and feedback of pitches you write.
  • Media Contacts: Learn how to use Tin Shingle's Media Contact Library and Editorial Calendar Collection to help you develop that timely hook that is necessary for all successful pitches.

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