[PR] TuneUp: Finding Ideas in Editorial Calendars, Then Finding the Right Media Contacts


Tin Shingle is an idea generating source. Resources available to members help business owners and marketers get ideas for ways to spin their businesses into magazines, TV programs, podcasts, etc.

One of our tools available to members is the Editorial Calendar collection for national print magazines. This is a list of monthly themes that magazines are working on that help jump-start you to know when may be the right time for a story. Members of Tin Shingle research through that list, get an idea, and then think: "Ok, now who do I email?"

It's that step - "Now Who Do I Email?" - that's we are covering in this Training TuneUp.

Sneak peak of what you will learn/see in this TuneUp:

  • Take a live look inside Tin Shingles unique collection of Editorial Calendars and Media Contacts.
  • Learn how to use Editorial Calendars in your PR offense game.
  • Get inside an Editor/Writer's head on what a winning pitch involves.
  • Pitching tips for men and to men.
  • Who really is the best fit to contact at your target magazine/Tv/outlet and should I pitch more than one?
  • Who you can contact at Tin Shingle if you cant find the magazine/contact you need.


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