[PR] Interview with Hope Lawrence About Her Granola Company's Today Show Experience


In this #TuneUp Tin Shingle co-founders Sabina Hitchen and Katie Hellmuth Martin speak live with business owner Hope Lawrence, founder of Hudson Henry Baking Co, near Charlottesville Virginia. Hope’s "Good News Granola" was featured on the Today Show in 2014 after using several of Tin Shingle's Premium Member Tools. In this #TuneUp, she talks openly and honestly with us about the before, during and after of her Today Show experience.  Hope shares insight into how a feature like this impacts your website and sales, both at the moment and months later. She also as discusses the professional and personal rollercoaster this type of press placement can create.  If you have dreams of being on a morning show you don't want to miss this!

Covered In This Podcast

  • How Hope got her Today Show opportunity and the unlikely way she found out it actually aired.
  • How being on the Today Show impacted her website and sales.
  • How Hope created a website that could withstand Today Show traffic.
  • How sales were impacted by the show months later
  • How Hope leveraged her appearance on the show for more press.
  • Hope's advice for other small biz owners who want to be on the Today Show.

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Sabina Hitchen

After many years of talking and many months of searching, Hope and her husband found their dream farm early in 2012.  Located near Charlottesville, Virginia, their "farm" used to be a B&B and has one very important feature: a commercial kitchen.  They were sold.  Hope could finally start the bakery that she had been dreaming of for years and their two boys could build forts and go on hikes in the woods to their heart's content. The commercial kitchen has been turned into HQ for the Hudson Henry Baking Co. where Hope happily bakes their Good News Granola and listens to music and NPR.  Life is good.

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