[PR] How To Find The Right Media Contacts For Your Business


You have dreams of getting big PR, and while you're doing all you can to get the word out, the media just isn't calling you. So how do you change this? You go after them. Yes. You have Tin Shingle's permission to email your dream publication, but there are two issues with that:

  • Dream Publication vs The Right Publication: There are loads of other media outlets that would be great fits to feature your business other than the big pie in the sky. Some of them may lead to more sales and exposure than others. But who are they?
  • Pitching: How do you approach them?

During this Training TuneUp, we discuss how to find the right media contacts with the best chance of featuring your product or service, as well as how you can use Tin Shingle's Media Contacts and Editorial Calendars when cross-referencing prospects to make the perfect, most timely pitch the media can't resist.

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