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Pitching your business to the media can be nerve-wracking, but not if you have an email pitch you can be proud of at the ready. Tin Shingle has a team of experienced Pitch Whisperers who can take the nuts and bolts of you pitch, and give it a professional polish with an edge that will appeal more to editors and producers. The body and structure of the pitch will be set, so that you will be able to tweak it as you send it to different media outlets.

The Process

  • Once you purchase this Pitch Whisperer package, you will submit via email to Tin Shingle.
  • Include photos that you are considering sending with the pitch.
  • Include your intended media targets for this pitch.
  • The Pitch Whisperer will research your company and outlets, and write the pitch.
  • You will have the opportunity to submit one round of feedback if edits are needed.
  • Turnaround: 2 weeks from the delivery of your notes and direction. Before purchasing, please email Tin Shingle at info@tinshingle.com to get you into our schedule, and to make sure your type of business is the best fit for this program.

The Deliverables

  • 1 pitch letter that you can email the press, with recommended photos based on what you sent. You will be emailed this pitch in email format, since you will be emailing your pitch to the press.
  • Suggested subject lines.
  • A worksheet of recommendations of what to do after you have pitched your intended target.

The Pitch Whisperers

Olivia AbelOlivia Abel is a longtime magazine editor and writer. Most recently, she spent a decade as the Editor in Chief of Hudson Valley Magazine. During her tenure, she helped the glossy monthly publication increase its readership, refresh its image, win its very first national award (for civic journalism) and establish a dynamic online presence. Previously, Olivia worked in both editorial and marketing at some of the biggest magazines in the world, including a six-year stint as a reporter at People, writing press releases for Newsweek and creating direct mail packages for TV Guide.



If you still want to take a crack at writing your pitch on your own, then Tin Shingle has the following DIY options that many members of Tin Shingle have benefited from and seen results. See these resources, and join today if you haven't already:

  • The Pitch Whisperer Thread in Tin Shingle's Community Boards.
    A group-editing approach to getting feedback on your pitch. Available to members only. Copy and paste your pitch in this group, and you will get feedback from other members of Tin Shingle. You can upload pictures that you would include in your pitch as well.
  • Training TuneUp Video
    How to Write the Perfect Pitch to Land Amazing Press (Template Included)
    Membership is not required to buy or listen to this TuneUp. Members of Tin Shingle can stream it for free.

Select the Number of Pitches You Need

Depending on your intended target and story angle, you may need to purchase more than one pitch. For example: if you represent a t-shift company and you are pitching to get into a Gift Guide at People Magazine, that pitch will take on a certain format and slant. If you represent a t-shirt company who is trying to get into Fast Company for a business feature, that will require a different format and slant. If you are trying to get both types of stories, you will need to purchase 2 pitches. Please email info@tinshingle.com with any questions.

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