[Marketing] How To Have a Pop-Up Shop


This Training TuneUp explores all the bases you need to cover in order to have a productive pop-up shop. This webinar is led by Tin Shingle's owner, Katie, who plays host to several highly successful pop-up shops in Tin Shingle's Headquarters.

These one-time local events boost the promotion of your business, whether service or product based. You need to be having them! Learn how you can be successful with planning, promoting, and accomplishing these events during this webinar. We will take a look at pop-up shops that have thrived and discuss the following topics, roadblocks, and strategies: 

  • How: The ins and outs of how to create a pop-up shop
  • Aggressive Marketing: Why and how you need to be over the top with marketing
  • Flyers: What your marketing flyers should contain, the best wording to use, and how to design them
  • Early Buzz: How to build up hype well in advance
  • Social Media: The big key that social media plays
  • Local: The most strategic ways target your audience: Local!
  • Pop-Up Within Your Existing Shop: Having a pop-up shop in your own storefront and how it can trigger traffic, sales, and buzz.

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