[Marketing] Digital Marketing For Promoting Small Businesses


In summer 2017, Tin Shingle moved into an office on the Main Street of our town headquarters in Beacon, NY. This gives us the opportunity to interact with business owners in real life! And have seminars at local libraries.  This TuneUp is based on a seminar Tin Shingle's co- founder Katie Hellmuth Martin delivered at the East Fishkill Library in NY for a gathering of SCORE members. 

Learn quick and easy techniques that your business can use today that will help more people find out about your business. Designed for business owners who run a storefront, sell a product, or provide a service direct to customers, this workshop will get you comfortable with strategies in Facebook, Instagram, blogging, and knowing what to do with your newsletter.

Katie Hellmuth Martin is the publisher of A Little Beacon Blog (www.alittlebeaconblog.com) and runs Tin Shingle (www.tinshingle.com) an online training and resource platform for small businesses and marketers. Having helped hundreds of businesses resolve a myriad of issues preventing them from promoting effectively, she is well equipped to help you promote your business.

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