[FACEBOOK] TuneUp: Facebook Ads: How & Why To Use Them aka "Beyond The Boost"


No matter what you think of Facebook these days, if you're still using it, you may be seeing those big shiny targeted ads on the platform that seem to follow you and read your mind. You may want an ad for your business to show up there.

During this TuneUp, we talk to digital advertising experts Patti Devine and Devin Holmes from Digital Impact. They are specialists in following the numbers to gauge how an ad might perform, and will tell us how we can do that too.

Patti and Devin show us how to create these ads (like, literally, where the heck is the Ads Admin?) and where to start with producing your artwork and the content that goes with it. You're going to want a great image, on-point wording, and a well thought out web page for where you new viewers are going to click to.

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