[Business] Tuneup: 2017 Resolutions for Business & Personal Part 2


The key to building buzz, is to first think big.  A simple act, right? Right. But to actually reach that big dream, you must hit several milestones along the way. Because you are in the business of growing a small business, things get personal. Your personal goals blend with you business goals. At the beginning of each year, when we are setting New Year's Resolutions, this is no time to mess around, and to just say: "I want to get skinny this year," or "I want to have a lot of money this year."

At Tin Shingle, we approach this differently. We declare the items we are going to achieve, because they are going to impact big results. This is so important to us, that we have brought in two experts to clear the paths for this: a money expert, Galia Gichon of Down to Earth Finance, and a life building expert Christine Agro of Awaken with Christine Agro.

This is the time to hunker down in your thoughts, and declare what it is you are going to do differently this year. You are going to confront the Devil in the Details and make big change in your life, that will open doors and clear paths for you to reach the big business dream(s) you envisioned. The way we see resolutions at Tin Shingle go something like this:

  • File my taxes on time this year - this translates into creating good financial health in general, and getting wealthier (vs living in the scary zone of owing back taxes, dings on your credit with leans that don't let you borrow money, etc.)
  • Pay my bills on time - causing higher credit score and perhaps forcing self to not spend as much debt in order to keep payments low - thus causing more cash wealth.
  • Eat more cous-cous. Don't laugh - this translates into "eating healthier"
  • Double the income of my spouse - this translates into "have my business earn lots of money and pay all the bills"

During this TuneUp, we will discuss ways to hit these goals/resolutions. We will:

  • Set or Reset Resolutions: What were they? Don't remember? That's OK. We'll set fresh ones.
  • Measure Progress
  • Explore The Energetics of Getting Things Done, with Christine Agro
  • What’s going on when despite a desire, a will and action, you aren’t getting to where you want to be or what you want to create. Christine will be focusing on 3 areas to help you break through to success:
    • ​Energetic blocks
    • Energetic programming (mindset)
    • Timing
  • Money Matters, with Galia Gichon
    Because let’s be real - life is better when you have money to spend, have money in a savings account, and just know what is going on with your money.  Galia will be focusing on 3 areas to get control of your money to grow it:
    • Retirement Measurement
    • Galia's favorite apps to track your money
    • One easy way to set sending goals

About Our Special Guest Experts

Christine Agro

Christine Agro of The Awaken Method

Christine Agro is a Spiritual Teacher and Clairvoyant and she is the creator of The Awaken Method, a simple process to help you step into flow and create a life you love. Christine's information comes from her deep connection to Spirit and through her observations from working with thousands of students and clients for (almost) 20 years. She has gathered clear and simple insight into how our lives unfold, what we are working on Spiritually, how it shows up in our life and what we can do to create balance, flow and ease.  In addition to her passion of supporting people on their journey, she is the founder and Higher Priestess of The Church of Nature, which offers an eco-spiritual celebration of the Self through the reflection of Nature. 

Christine has been seen on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Animal Planet, written about in the NY Times as well as contributed to numerous magazine and newspaper articles. She is cited in Grace Coddington's best selling book 'Grace, a Memoir,' in Colette Baron Reid's 'Messages From Spirit' and in Lawrence R. Samuel's Super Natural America: A Cultural History.

Galia Gichon

Galia GichonGalia Gichon is founder of Down to Earth Finance and an independent personal financial expert with more than 18 years of experience in financial services, including nearly 10 years on Wall Street and an MBA in Finance from Fordham University. At Down to Earth Finance, she offers individual sessions and seminars to address personal financial needs and concerns. Galia is the author of, “My Money Matters”, a boxed set of financial cards with money affirmations, instant money tips and workbooks. She has spoken at Pennsylvania, Texas and Massachusetts Governor’s Conference for Women, and is a frequent speaker at Freelancers Union, Barnard College’s Financial Fluency Program, and Athena Center for Leadership. She has been quoted in Newsweek, CNN, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal.com, NY1, Good Housekeeping, Self, Essence, Glamour and MSN Money and much more. Before starting her own company, Galia worked at Bear Stearns, Nomura Securities, and Institutional Investor.

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