[BUSINESS] Starting a Partnership: The Deer In Headlights Version


A text came in from a Tin Shingler: "Do you have any TuneUps about partnerships? I'm considering partnering up with someone, but I feel like a deer in headlights. So many questions!"

Many questions indeed. In this TuneUp, Tin Shingle's owner Katie shares her first-hand experiences with business partnerships she has had, as well as what she has seen work and not work within partnerships in various other business.

If you're thinking about or have been approached to partner, this is a TuneUp you want to listen to. If you have no plans to partner, you'll also want to listen to this TuneUp, because someone may come knocking at your door, and you'll have a head start on the questions that will race through your mind when that happens.

Questions covered include:

  • How do we figure out who does what?
  • How do you blend work styles?
  • How do you make decisions together?
  • How do you separate business from friendship?
  • Will we break up? Is a partnership a marriage that lasts forever?
  • And a few more important topics to consider.

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