2016 - The year of #GoGetYourSomedays



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All #SmallBizDiary Entries by Lisa Hennessy
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This fantastic hash tag, created by a fellow entrepreneur Jennifer Whaley of Fetch Portraits really hit home with me and helped me get my goals in focus. I'm leaving fear and hesitation in 2015 and I'm gonna go get those somedays everyday!

On tap for Your Pet Chef in 2016 are monthly goals we track daily on a whiteboard in our prep kitchen. They include targets for new customers in 3 categories, sales goals, and large order production status. We are also tracking PR pitches on the same board. I used to keep PR to myself and share the highlights with my wonderful crew. Now, I'm ripping off the band aid (so to speak) and making it all public. Tracking pitches, sample submissions, success, failure, etc. - all on the whiteboard. This was difficult for me to share but necessary. I can no longer procrastinate about pitching as my crew keeps me on target. I was so excited to update some items on the board today. 4 pitches said "Yes" to samples and I sent out them out today. 

Excited for each day and the opportunities it brings. Someday is everyday.  

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