Even Tin Shinglers Get the Blues



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All #SmallBizDiary Entries by Katie Hellmuth
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I'm writing this from my happy place, but last week, I had the blues. And I think I had them for about two weeks. It was the type of business blues that when I look around, and am like "What am I doing? Am I doing this right?" 

There are a few trigger points for me that can trip this cycle, and those two weeks were full of them:

  • The house was quiet. I took for granted the movement that was in my house when my son Cole had a babysitter and she'd be in the house a lot. Or fix-it people when things kept breaking. But last week, no one, and for once in a very long time, years, I felt "lonely". I've heard of people who work from home say that, and I've got people in my inbox all day long, so I don't feel lonely and do quite well on my own. But last week, I felt it. Which begged the question: my kids are in daycare. Am I doing the right thing? Here, alone in my house without them?
  • Both kids got pink-eye, which means one of them was out of school for a total of 4 days. So it probably knocked my work mojo out of orbit.
  • The Lean In thing irks me. And I keep trying to write a diary entry about it, because I'll be solid in my feelings on the situation, and then will do a Google search on the latest feedback, and read things like "book sales are soaring", and go into doubt again. 
  • Guilt darts from myself about not delivering on work I know I'm capable of. 
  • Business competition of the wrong sort distracted me like a shiny object. Businesses I don't even aspire to be like, but for various reasons, it can be a thorn in my side.
  • Adobe Illustrator broke, so I couldn't make graphics when I needed to. It broke because I had to upgrade my computer, which made things not connect properly. The perk was that I finally had to learn about the Adobe Creative Cloud, which seems awesome, but man, that one sent me out the door. Literally. I went jogging.
  • iPhone broke. (thanks Cole for drooling on it).

And then I confessed to my business partner in crime Sabina. I confessed my thoughts, and just like any blockage when you face it head on and admit to it, it dissolved! And jogging helps. And sunshine!! In sum, I just wanted to put this out there in case you ever got the business blues, because man they suck, but they sure don't last! Because you're awesome and you're building great things.


I wonder if we were all feeling a little bit out of sorts - too long of a winter maybe!? I too found myself seeking some little hub of shelter and even considered picking up a temporary office space just a mile and a half from my house. Instead, I signed up with Regus's Business Lounge Membership - it's a little more corporate - but for $30/month I can pop into any of their business lounges and sit and work among other people's chatter. Somehow the hub bub of everyone else doing their business made my business day that much more productive.