Collaborating in Project Time



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Ruby drawing Barbie fashion drawing

Just after blogging on the Tin Shingle blog about celebrating my Saturday creative time, little feet scampered into my office/sunroom/playroom to request that I take out the black ponytail holder from the Barbie to put into my daughter Ruby's hair (it couldn't be any other ponytail holder) so that she could "do projects." Ruby requested to sit in my lap as I blogged, so instead we just switched places (a little hard to think and type with a little one wiggling around).

We collaborated on a project, and I did a fashion sketch of this Barbie, and wondered how I'd make the glitter on her skirt with my marker. Ruby promptly got out the glitter glue that the Sleep Fairy brought her last week for sleeping in her bed all night, and we decorated Barbie's skirt on paper.

The tables turned on my Saturday, but I'm glad we're both doing Project Time in the morning!