How Do I Track Down a Magazine's Editorial Calendar?


Editorial calendars are powerful tools to have in your small business PR tool belt.  Why, you ask? As a refresher, an editorial calendar outlines all the planned features, themes and stories a magazine (or newspaper, or sometimes even a blog) will be covering for the year.  They primarily do this for advertisers to help them plan what issues the advertisers want to be ad space in. But we entrepreneurs can use editorial calendars to look into a magazine's future, and pitch accordingly.  Checking in with them can really help you manage your PR campaign more effectively and powerfully and ensure you never miss any hot opportunities to get the word out about your brand!

How Do You Find These Crystal Balls Into a Magazine's Editorial Future? 

It's not hard once you know the tricks.  Here are the fastest and easiest ways:

  • First, realize that they are free - hooray!
    Magazines want people to find the calendars because they want advertisers to buy ad space with them.  Knowing that they are created for advertisers is key for you when hunting them down.  Back in the "olden days" you would call the magazine's advertising department and they would send you hard copies of the calendars, breaking down what stories they had on deck for the year.
  • Fortunately, most magazines have corresponding websites now and that's often where you'll find the "ed cals" hanging out. 
    Rarely, however, will you see a tab for "editorial calendars".  Instead, you can scan the bottom of the page for words like "Media Kit" or "Advertise with Us", these links will usually lead you to an editorial calendar.
  • Another MAJOR shortcut when hunting online: instead of searching magazine by magazine, go to the actual publishing company's website. 
    They'll often have all of their titles listed and you can to through them one by one and snag their media kits right there.  Here's an example, check out the Hearst website.  When you click on any of the magazine titles a new window will pop up for you and you'll get tons of information about that magazine along with a media kit and within that you'll find the editorial calendar - BAM! Done!

Don't Want To Do All That Leg Work On Your Own?

Another great way to access editorial calendars is to let someone else do the hunting. Activate a subscription membership at Tin Shingle and access scores of editorial calendars via your Member PR Center! Tin Shingle provides a collection of editorial calendars, along with Media Contact Lists for you to dig up editor's contact information once you're ready to pitch.

However you choose to hunt editorial calendars down, do not leave them out of your public relations outreach planning!  There's nothing like knowing what a magazine is already working on when planning how you're going to tailor our outreach to them. Want the easy way in? Join Tin Shingle today and access them editorial calendars in seconds.