How Do I Track Down a Magazine's Editorial Calendar?


Editorial calendars are powerful tools to have in your small business PR tool belt.  An editorial calendar is the basic outline for all of the planned features, themes and stories a magazine will be covering for the year.  Publications primarily do this for advertisers to help advertisers plan what issues they want to buy ad space in.

But business owners, artists and makers can use editorial calendars to look ahead to find out what the magazine cycle is, and pitch accordingly to feature your brand.  Checking in with an editorial calendar can really help you manage your PR campaign more effectively, and give you relevant ideas to market your business.

How Do You Find The Magazine's Editorial Calendars? 

The traditional ways of finding editorial calendars are easy, but a little time consuming. We've cut down the legwork for you! Tin Shingle has lists of editorial calendars already in our Member Center, but I'll tell you how to get them for free just in case you really want pound the keyboard.

  • Get an Editorial Calendar from the website of the magazine.
    Sometimes you will see a tab for "editorial calendars," but look for words like "Media Kit" or "Advertise with Us." These links will usually lead you to an editorial calendar.
  • Instead of searching magazine by magazine, go to the actual publishing company's website. 
    Publishers often have all of their titles listed and you can to through them one by one and snag their media kits right there.  Here's an example, check out the Hearst website.  When you click on any of the magazine titles a new window will pop up for you and you'll get tons of information about that magazine along with a media kit and within that you'll find the editorial calendar - BAM! Done!

Wow That's A Lot of Research - Save Me Time!

Yes! Tin Shingle already did this research for you! In our easy to use Editorial Calendar Database!

Get Instant Access to Tin Shingle's Cultivated Collection of Editorial Calendars

Our Editorial Calendar Database has over 80 magazine titles for your to research. We collect them throughout the year. Sometimes magazines publish the calendar for the entire year, and sometimes they publish only months at a time. Knowing where the magazine is in their publishing cycle will help guide your marketing ideas to be well timed.

How Do You Pitch A Magazine According To Its Editorial Calendar?

Tin Shingle provides training via educational webinars in how to use an editorial calendar in our Online Training TuneUps, as well as Media Contact Lists to help you pitch the right people with your idea.

Listen to and watch this Tin Shingle Training TuneUp, that guides you in how to get great ideas for how to pitch a magazine using their editorial calendar.

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Tools You'll Need To Pitch Magazines About Your Business

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