How to Build an Instagram Marketing Campaign


A picture is worth a thousand words so why not incorporate Instagram into your marketing campaign? Instagram has given many startup companies the opportunity to engage with their followers and have helped to grow their brand by sharing pictures of their products or what they are “currently” doing. I am going to give you 5 way to maximize your Instagram campaign to get the most exposure…….

Generate a Posting Plan
Grab your monthly calender and create a plan of when you will post and what you will post. It is also good to know when certain holidays are coming up or when red-carpet events are happening so you can engage with your followers or target your post to reflect current events.

Build a Target Following Using Hashtags
When you use hashtags it generates more following and also gives you the advantage of targeting your audience. You can also search specific hashtags and find those individuals who are interested in that topic.

Get Creative
You can use picture to showcase your product or yourself. They also have the option to upload a 15 second video. Videos are a creative way to share a message with your followers. It can be used to promote a sale or celebrate a new product. Instagram has different filter options you can play around with. There are also different apps that are geared towards Instagram like the photo repost app! It’s all about being visually appealing. And why not be visually appealing it’s all FREE ADVERTISEMENT!

Create Content
When creating content keep in mind your audience and your brand identity. If a potential follower happens to scroll through your account they will get a feel of whom and what your brand identity is. Also keep in mind the message you DON'T want to send across, so your post can be more brand appropriate. Also if all of your social media accounts are sharing the same message, your brand will become recognizable across different platforms.

Reward Your Followers
They can be rewarded by following them back, conducting contest, or product giveaways. Make it important to you that you value their time in liking a picture or following the account.  This is where your good customer service skills come in handy! You never want to leave your followers feeling like they are talking to an empty room!