5 Highlights Alexa Carlin Learned From Periscope Summit 2015


Periscope is the fastest growing social media platform with now over 10,000,000 users! On September 22-24, 2015, top Periscopers came to New York City for the first ever Periscope Summit. This conference was different than any other conference I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to hundreds). Why? Everyone was different!

Instead of a digital conference where everyone there works in the digital world in some sense, at the Periscope Summit there were people from every industry. I met doctors, app developers, film producers, coaches, mommy bloggers, clothing designers, speakers, artists, musicians, small business owners, authors, real estate agents, and television hosts. The best part is that this community is all about collaboration versus competition.

So many people are growing their business by leaps and bounds on this app and in such a short amount of time it’s mind blowing! In just 6 months of being on the app myself, I’ve doubled my email list, made thousands of dollars on the app, and grew my social presence by over 200%.

Here are the top 5 takeaways I learned at the Periscope Summit from being a speaker and a guest!

  1. Live streaming isn’t going anywhere. If you think it’s just a fad, think again. Mobile video is generating 50% of all mobile data! Remember that time when Twitter and Instagram came out and you waited to get your business on it? Well, now you’re given a second chance to reap the benefits of becoming an early adopter on Periscope!
  2. Trust can’t be bought it must be earned. Periscope is the platform to do just that.
  3. Collaboration is key! Collaborate with other streamers on Periscope to grow your presence on the app. It’s not a competition, Periscope is a wonderful community of people who want to help you grow your business and see you succeed!
  4. Focus on your goals and your niche. It’s great to get ideas from what other scopers are doing on their channel but remember to stay true to who you are and what your business is about.
  5. Transparency and authenticity is key. People want to follow people, not brands.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then get on Periscope today. Start with creating a strategy. The School of Scope is a perfect place to start which will teach you how to get over 1,000 followers in less than 30 days and begin selling your products and services directly from the app!

Periscope has been an incredible asset to my business and I am confident it can aid your business in countless ways as well.