The Tin Shingle Team


Katie Hellmuth Martin


Katie is a champion of small businesses, both at the local and national levels. As co-founder of Tin Shingle, one of the most popular and relied upon resource for business owners and marketers who are learning how to get big press and expand their digital footprints, Katie has a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs of running and growing a business. Katie’s entrance into entrepreneurship was an accessories designer with fabric and production sourced in the USA. During the day, she managed the website of a national nonprofit, increasing its traffic by 10x in the first year through content, design and SEO strategies.

She expanded her design company by quitting her day job and hanging her first shingle as a website designer and producer for businesses of all sizes under InHouse Design Media. Further expanding her reach to empower businesses owners and marketers to promote their businesses in authentic ways by reaching their customers online through social media, SEO and PR, Katie co-founded Tin Shingle to serve as an education and community platform for businesses to get the word out in a consistent, powerful and authentic way.

In addition to her duties at Tin Shingle, Katie is the founder and publisher of A Little Beacon Blog, a popular media destination for the Hudson Valley that highlights that super amazing people and things going on in and around Beacon.

Katie speaks and teaches SEO and online marketing, and has been featured in Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, New York Daily News, Hudson Valley Magazine and other publications.

Connect with her on Twitter at @kjpixelated. Click here to see her entrepreneurial portfolio.

Shayne Michael Parrish MICHAEL PARRISH
Lead Developer

Michael Parrish, Lead Developer for Tin Shingle, is the owner of Parrish Web Design, a central Pennsylvania-based web design and development company. Founded in 2004, Parrish Web Design serves small- to medium-sized businesses throughout North America and Europe, which includes a longstanding business relationship with InHouse Design Media, owned by Tin Shingle co-founder Katie Hellmuth Martin. Michael has been programming since first learning BASIC at the age of 8, and began designing and coding for the web in 1997. Parrish Web Design specializes in PHP development, as well as database management and complex CSS/javascript layouts. In addition to his design work, Michael also pursues other creative outlets by being an avid musician and photographer.