Stacie Bach


Stacie Urbach sets the standard for aspiring women entrepreneurs while presiding over two primarily self-funded businesses: Smart Heel and Stacie BACH Financial Services Consulting. Having worked for several Fortune 500 companies, she stems from a successful ten year career in the financial industry specializing in asset-backed securitization. Her resume includes Citibank, Fuji Bank, GE Capital, and Assured Guaranty Corp.

Innovative, creative, and ambitious, she left the corporate world to pursue a profession better suited to her personality. A devoted shoe person, she damaged a pair of expensive designer shoes the moment she walked out of the store. Not satisfied with repairs even from the best shoe shops in NYC, and after searching exhaustively for a product that would prevent such a mishap from occurring again, Stacie decided to make it herself. Smart Heel high heel protectors was born from her passion for beautiful shoes. Smart Heel has enjoyed strong sales since launching in April 2007 and is used by women world wide. She has been labeled a "solopreneur" as she learned many service functions on her own to operate her business from sales and web design to public relations and accounting/bookkeeping.

Stacie continues her financial services work through Stacie BACH Financial Consulting Services as a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. Stacie BACH teaches QuickBooks to the start-up and small business owner in addition to providing detailed financial record management Her motto: It's your money, know where it is!

Stacie graduated from Barnard College with a B.A. in mathematics and serves as Treasurer/Membership Director on the board of Barnard Business and Professional Women (BBPW).

Inventor. Entrepreneur. Career woman. E-mail her at