Margie Huggard


I have always had a passion for design and especially bringing an unusual flare to any project I am working on. I created Margo's, a retail shop where home furnishings, accessories, and art come together in an unusual, yet practical way. It all started 16 years ago when I broke my leg and having nothing to do I started making decoupage plates. After giving many to friends, I had a thought that I could open a store and create an atmosphere where people would become inspired simply by coming in to see what we had. Thus, Margo's was started and after 1 year of selling home gifts and home accessories, I knew I had to include furniture to complete the package. Soon I was doing interior design and I have had a wonderful time working with interesting clients from all areas. Being located on Cape Cod, it has given me an opportunity to assist many people with their summer homes and it has been fun to do all types of design. I pride myself in being able to do many different styles. After listening to what my clients want I work to plan and create the home of their dreams.
Being in the manufacturing side of business has helped me with the creative process of designing. I designed and sold a boutique line of children's clothing. I applied the same concepts to that business as I have to Margo's. It is always a source of pride when I hear customers say what a unique store Margo's is.