Dan Goldman and Ed Young


Dan Goldman - Dan has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry building compelling consumer sites, services and products. He has served as CTO most recently at Zedge - the leading mobile social network which has grown to over 16 million registered users - and earlier for several major Internet brands including iVillage (bought by NBC) and drspock.com, where he built and launched multiple online properties. Previously he was CTO for a joint venture of Cisco and Net2Phone, CIO for Perot Systems (bought by Dell), and a manager at NeXT Computer (bought by Apple). Ed Young - Ed co-founded The Source Magazine, arguably one of the most significant cultural phenomena in modern music and popular culture. He took it from a several hundred-paid circulation newsletter to an over 350,000-paid circulation magazine and from approximately $75,000 in revenue to in excess of $20,000,000 annually. During this time The Source was consistently profitable and was among the top five fastest growing magazines for every year during the 1990’s. More recently, Ed served as the transitional General Manager of Giant Magazine for its acquisition by the public concern Radio One, and is currently the CEO of the software company 40A, Inc., which has developed and distributes the new Blackbird browser.