Mark McDevitt


Mark McDevitt – Writer/Director/Editor - Look Here Films

Founder Mark McDevitt has worked in film, television and commercial production for over 14 years alongside such notable directors as Spike Lee, John Sayles, Sam Raimi, Paul Haggis and Steven Spielberg. Born in Ireland, he moved to the United States in 1994 after winning a greencard in the “lottery.” Serving as both camera assistant and operator for many years, he honed his craft by working with some of the best in the business. He now produces, shoots and directs a wide variety of video projects, including artist profiles, music videos and business promos.

Mark’s written work has appeared in the New York Times, The Sunday Independent, The Examiner, Men's Health, Body & Soul and many others. He is included in The Best Of The New York Times “Modern Love” column published in 2007 by Three Rivers Press. He is the author of several screenplays, and was twice shortlisted for the Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. He is a graduate of University College Dublin in Ireland.