Jennifer Chu


After wearing the same pair of high heels at work from dusk til dawn, day in and day out, Jennifer faced a very common - but taboo - problem: at the end of each day her shoes became unpleasant and uncomfortable from moisture and slippage, and over time they became more worn on the inside than on the outside. She had the same issue with the flats she wore for countless hours walking around New York City. In fact, she had the same issue with any pair of shoes she wore without socks.

Jennifer wanted to look fashionable and be comfortable, and low-cut socks or thick insoles were clearly not the solution. To address this problem and preserve her expensive and favorite shoes, she founded Chu Shu in 2009 and developed Silver Linings, the first of what she hopes to be many innovative products for fashionable women on the go.

Jennifer previously worked in the Global Technology Investment Banking group at UBS. Prior to UBS, she was a Marketing Manager at QuinStreet where she was responsible for the online marketing and lead acquisition strategies for her clients. She has also held positions as a Manager of Applications Deployments at non-profit startup R101 and a Consultant at Calico Commerce. Jennifer holds an MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern University and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University.