Amanda Houck


An expert brand stylist, Amanda is the founder of, a soon to be launched self-discovery and branding web destination for women. She also is the co-founder of Brand Design Lab, a branding, marketing and PR agency for entrepreneurs and small businesses. One client whose professional space, corporate branding and personal style were developed by Amanda described her as "brilliant in design; brilliant in marketing; brilliant in being able to take our deepest heart and broadest vision and forge it into a tangible, exciting, energetic being." After calling New York City home for 15 years, Amanda describes herself as a California-born New Yorker. Her personal style is grounded in Classic Simplicity with New York Sophistication. Amanda has traveled five continents for business and pleasure. She practices yoga and enjoys a vegetarian diet. Amanda lives in Maryland, has a partner-in-love and will be a new mother very soon!