Twitter Emails Your Bio to People! Is Your Bio Any Good?


By most counts, the Twitter bio is your future follower's first introduction to your personal or business Twitter account. Only 160 characters are allowed in this bio. It's not a full fledged professional bio. It's a very small snippet of it. And, depending on your industry, your company's Twitter bio can exude a personality. Twitter is a quirky, witty place. Your Twitter business bio needs to stand out and get to the point fast.

The most important part about the Twitter bio is that it gets emailed to people all of the time, on your behalf. You didn't lift a finger. Twitter is emailing people it thinks may be interested in your brand. How does Twitter know what to say about you? It introduces you using the bio you wrote. So don't write this half-heartidly! Listen to our podcast that covers every detail about the strategy behind writing your Twitter bio. But know this: It's everywhere. Let's focus on when it shows up in people's email inboxes.


Twitter Bio Suggestions

Shortly after you follow someone on Twitter, you may get an email from Twitter suggesting other Twitter accounts that may interest you. Reverse that if someone follows an account on Twitter, and Twitter recommends your Twitter handle to that person as a suggested one to follow. Twitter shows the reader your bio, as indicated here by the red arrow. And this is in someone's inbox who has probably never heard of you! Prime email real estate.


Twitter Now Following

Twitter Now Following

When you follow someone, Twitter sends an email to that person. Twitter tells them "Hey, so and so followed you." Twitter introduces the person you followed to you using your bio, as indicated here by the red arrows. Once again, prime email real estate in a person's inbox! And Twitter includes the Follow button right under the bio, so that if you do bang-up job on being a must-know to this new person you just followed, then following you back is a click away from their inbox.


Twitter Favorited

This one is real easy. When you click the star graphic under a tweet, you have marked a tweet as one of your favorites. Twitter refers to this as "Favoriting". I'm pretty sure that's a made up word, but is a real word now.

Are you ready to re-write your Twitter bio? Good. Start here by listening to our podcast with professional copywriter June Eding as she tells us the strategies behind writing an effective Twitter bio that can get your business more followers. When you're ready, click here to go straight to your Twitter bio settings to change it.

DISCLAIMER: Twitter changes thins all of the time. As of 12/11/13, these types of tweets were being delivered via email.