TuneUp: What To Pitch The Media In July 2022


Happy July!

In the PR and magazine world that means one thing: Holiday Gift Guide.

Not the holiday that is just around the corner that some people are canceling since people’s body’s just got canceled and put at risk. No - we are talking about pitching the magazines for those coveted editorial gift guide roundups.

The research and writing starts in July. Knee high in July with the beginning of products being shipped around for testing and inspecting by editors and writers.

In this monthly TuneUp, “What To Pitch The Media In July,” you will hear of the many themes you could be pitching for different types of outlets. These include National US Postage Stamp Day (because we know one of you is actually launching a US stamp!), Celiac Awareness Month, Adopt A Shelter Dog Month. These themes are not in July - they are later. This TuneUp will help you plan for where to pitch, when.

This TuneUp is open to all to listen to for free for the next 24 hours, and then it’s getting packaged back up for the Tin Shingle Members only to stream at any time.