[PR] TuneUp: How To Pitch Morning Shows - From A Producer's Point Of View



To give you a sampling of what Tin Shingle's Exclusive "What To Pitch This Month To Get PR" Series is like, we have opened up this TuneUp to make it free for you to watch immediately! We will soon close this TuneUp back up, so that the only people who can access it for free at anytime are the All Access Pass Members of TIn Shingle.

Two Things You Want To Do

Pitching a morning show to get your business on TV is totally possible by you. There are a few key steps you'll want to be aware of, including having a stellar pitch. The secret ingredient? Keeping that pitch short, sweet, swift, and to the point. And don't think that pitching that TV show once is your one-and-done chance of getting on TV! You will be pitching many times! Because you have many angles of how you could get your business, book or project featured on TV.

Learn From A TV Morning Show Producer

In this TuneUp, you will meet Laura Holka, a producer turned PR professional who started at PBS and worked for ABC for several years, including her local stations in Phoenix, AZ.

This TuneUp Will Include:

  • Producer Life: Going inside the life of a producer so that you know what they are doing when you email/pitch them.
  • Production Day: The breakdown of how the morning show is produced, so that you can know the best times of day to email, and when your email might get lost.
  • Who To Pitch: Is it the host? The anchor? The booker?
  • What's In The Pitch: Laura will share a sample pitch to show you a winning formula.
  • What To Do If You Get A Response: Laura will tell us how to miss an opportunity if you do get a response. Hint: Act fast!
  • Ideas - What Appeals To Producers: The key to a winning pitch is in your story angle.

About Laura Holka

Laura is an experienced executive producer for news, morning talk shows, political programming, non-profits and sports. She knows what works for TV, web, video, pitching your business, and social media. Laura’s career began at PBS as an intern, which led to a job in “Traffic” at ABC. While there, she moved into live broadcasts and producing.

At KTVK (Phoenix News), Laura worked in news, sports, morning TV, live events, and special projects. Most of her experience is in producing, writing, and live productions. At both AZTV & KAZT Laura worked as the executive producer doing their morning program, politics, writing, special events, commercial production, sales and social media.

Laura has taken her experience and transitioned it to the other side of the camera as a PR consultant. She is giving us the insider goods!


Instagram: @producerlaurah
Twitter  @ProducerLauraH
Twitter  @connectionaz

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