[WEBSITES] The Truth About Wordpress Websites


We're pulling website expert Randy Caruso out of his design and development shop to tell us the truth about WordPress websites. Randy specializes in WordPress websites, and knows the pros and cons of building in WordPress versus the other options out there. Here at Tin Shingle, we have heard from business owners over the years who love - and don't love - the platform. What frightens us the most is when businesses select WordPress for their website because they think it will solve all of their problems.

Will WordPress Solve All Of Your Website Problems?

We're going to myth-bust a few of the most commonly asked questions we hear from business owners, including:

  • Is WordPress the answer to my website problems? Will my online life be sunshine and rainbows?
  • Does WordPress come with better SEO?
    (hint: NO! but it does have a pretty sweet plugin to help you get there)
  • Shopify vs WooCommerce - which is better?
  • I bought a WordPress template for $50, so I’m good, right?
  • What will I need a developer for? What will I need a designer for?
  • Will I enjoy logging in and making changes?
    (Hint: it depends on who sets it up for you!)
  • What is WordPress hosting and why do I care?
    (Hint: there is no such thing)
  • Is it true that WordPress websites get hacked into a lot?
  • I like to tinker with my website. Is WordPress DIY-friendly?

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