[TWITTER] Why To Use Twitter and How It Can Get You Press


Tin Shingle's co-founders Katie Hellmuth Martin and Sabina Hitchen answer real-life questions from business owners just like you about Twitter. While just 23% of adults who are online actually use Twitter (as of 2014), Twitter is a major force in our culture and in the world. It has been woven into the fabric of watching TV, traffic updates, emergency updates, customer service responses, networking, coverage of events you cannot attend via "live tweeting", connecting with the media, and more. During this training webinar TuneUp, Katie and Sabina will answer the following questions with easy examples and strategies you can start using today.

Covered In This Webinar

  • "WHY do I need to use Twitter? I use Instagram, isn't that enough?"
  • "I just don't get Twitter."
  • "Twitter is overwhelming, how does anyone find anything?"
  • "What is Periscope, is it related to Twitter, and should I care about it?"
  • Twitter tricks revealed for easily researching and connecting with TV producers, newspaper reporters and magazine writers.
  • Ideas for how your business can use Twitter, no matter what type of business you run.

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Katie Hellmuth MartinKatie Hellmuth Martin is co-founder of Tin Shingle and publisher of A Little Beacon Blog. Since 2005 when she hung her own shingle as a designer of websites and accessories, Katie has worked with businesses of all sizes to grow their digital footprints using newsletters, company blogs, user experience, social media, and a creative look at SEO performance. For Tin Shingle, she is lead designer, community membership nurturer, columnist, and director of partnerships and advertising.

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