[TWITTER] TuneUp How To Become A Twitter Ninja



Are you a Twitter ninja? Do you want to be? Even the most seasoned Twitter users will find value in this course as Tin Shingle co-founders Katie and Sabina highlight easy ways to gain followers, build relationships, and get the right people to your website.

  • Mistakes made by even the most frequent tweeters that result in hidden tweets.
  • Increase buzz about your brand by helping others tweet about your business!
  • Easy ways to streamline whose tweets you read and engage with to make Twitter easier on your eyes and brain.
  • Does your Twitter account look spammy? We'll tell you how to create a more attractive and magnetic account!
  • The secret to getting press from tweeting. YES it happens!
  • Guaranteed ways to make sure your best ideas make it into a tweet and out of your brain.


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Sabina HitchenSabina Hitchen is the co-founder of Tin Shingle and the President of Red Branch Public Relations.  She has been practicing, teaching and lecturing on all things public relations for over eight years and specializes in lifestyle public relations for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  Sabina's clients have appeared everywhere from the Today Show, Good Morning America and CBS This Morning to Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc.com, O the Oprah Winfrey Magazine, People StyleWatch, E! News and more.  She is a true believer that "it's PR not ER" and that every small business given the right skills and tools can excel at managing and understanding their public relations campaign.




Katie Hellmuth MartinKatie Hellmuth Martin is co-founder of Tin Shingle and publisher of A Little Beacon Blog. Since 2005 when she hung her own shingle as a designer of websites and accessories, Katie has worked with businesses of all sizes to grow their digital footprints using newsletters, company blogs, user experience, social media, and a creative look at SEO performance. For Tin Shingle, she is lead designer, community membership nurturer, columnist, and director of partnerships and advertising.

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