TuneUp: What To Pitch The Media During April 2019


This TuneUp goes over the Pitching Time Zones of when to pitch what. Timing is everything, so find out which headlines would catch a producer or writer's eye right now.

Magazine Pitch Alert:

What To Pitch Now: September/October: If you want big print magazines, they are working 6-7 months out, which means September/October. Get ideas on how to think in this cycle right now. If your time is Back To School, Football Season, Fall Fashion, Fall Detox, this is your time.

Editorial Calendar Peeking

Every month, we dive into Tin Shingle's Editorial Calendar Collection to see what big themes the magazine are working on now.

Special Focus: Gift Guides

Gift Guides: Do you want to get into Gift Guides? We will cover best ways to do this - at any time of the year.

Time Zones of Pitching: Pitching the media can be overwhelming. It can trigger anyone's ADD. We will discuss ways to harness this for productive pitching.

We're going to talk about how - and the opportunities you will find!