[SOCIAL] TuneUp: Social Media Graphics & Images: Sizes & Styles That Work


When you press “Publish” on a new blog post or product, you are only half-way done these days! The next part of the job involves socializing that post in social media so that people can instantly see it and maybe click on it. With this social shift, are you spending a LOT of time on creating your social media images? That's because different images are needed for different social communities, from different size ranges to different types of words. Tin Shingle’s co-founders Sabina and Katie discuss what you need to do for your social images to promote new content in your social streams.


  • What's the "size guide" your biz needs to commit to memory that works for each of these platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest?


  • The Apps that will change everything: Do you see your colleagues and competition making amazing images? We'll share what apps you can use to do the same thing - easily - in your own feeds!
  • When should I be using images? We'll talk about strategic ways your biz can incorporate social media graphics to build buzz and visibility.
  • What's on Trend?  You'll find out what trends and styles are getting attention in the world of social media graphics.
  • Learn from What's Working In Real Life: We've gathered a collection of our favorite social media graphics from across Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and we'll show you why they're working and leave you inspired to create magnetic designs of your own.
  • Small Change, Big Impact: Are you using images but not getting the conversion, traffic and sales you expected?  Perhaps you need to tweak one of the hot spots we'll discuss on this webinar.

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