[SOCIAL + PR] TuneUp: Trick Or Treat: 5 Tricks for Instagram, PR and SEO


This TuneUp was originally recorded on Halloween, thus the Halloween inspired Tricks and Treats you're going to get for doing your own PR and Instagram posting. This was a quick TuneUp because there was costuming to be done!

Covered In This Training TuneUp

  • PR Trick: An email pitch trick that worked to hook and land a local newspaper article in a competitive market.
  • PR Trick: A trick in the follow-up to your pitch to a reporter.
  • Rotten Candy for PR: A follow-up email that would have rotted the possible story!
  • Instagram Trick: A really easy trick to get a lot more exposure (hint: it's pretty basic but takes courage)
  • Instagram/PR Combo Trick: A trick that local business is mastering pretty well to get organic PR, but PR agents might not know about it yet.
  • Rotten Candy for Instagram: An easy way to rot in your intended contact's Instagram and not get heard.
  • SEO: Easy way to create content to get gobbled up by Google and recommended to people looking for what you sell.

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