[SOCIAL] Instagram Tricks, Strategies and Moves to Boost Your Buzz and Biz


Special guest expert Kelly Kepner of Kelly Kepner PR returns to deliver sharp Instagram strageties in this TuneUp. She reveals what top bloggers, experts, stylists and brands are doing on Instagram right now now that you can start doing too.

Covered In This Webinar

  • Instagram tips, tricks and strategies.
  • When to Tag
    Did you read Kelly's article here about tagging on Instagram? Kelly eleaborates on it even more in this TuneUp
  • How To Do a "Desk Layout"
    ...and what the heck that is and why you want to make one.
  • Popular Hashtag Series on Instagram
    Did you even know these existed? You can contribute to them now - without asking anyone for permission!
  • Conversations
    How and when to reply to others on Instagram.
  • Cross-Promotions
    How to do cross promotion with other brands on Instagram. There are many ways! Kelly will share some with you.

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Kelly Kepner

Kelly Kepner is the founder of Kelly Kepner PR.  The goal of KKPR is to provide a variety of established as well as innovative PR methods to help grow new and upcoming brands, and strengthen and provide new ideas and inspiration to established brands by means of social media, press, celebrity placement and events. Kelly is inspired by the concept of women helping other women, and young entrepreneurs building a successful business by using the latest methods to reach the widest possible audience.
Twitter: @kellykepnerpr
Instagram: @kellykepnerpr

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