[SEO] TuneUp: SEO and How to Bait the Online Sales Hook Part 1


Covered In This Webinar

Tin Shingle's co-founder Katie Hellmuth Martin takes you through how a regular person sees your website, and if it is clear to them how to buy what you sell. She will discuss how you can find opportunities from SEO, and how to make easy, yet effective changes in your website. Websites from real businesses will be analyzed by Katie in front of your eyes so that you can see what works and doesn't. This is an SEO-friendly environment, so if SEO eludes you, scares you, or if you love it, watch this TuneUp now. During the live broadcast of this TuneUp, everyone was so interested, that we only made it to the first Website Analysis! Part 2 is coming soon with the other websites analyzed so that you can see more examples and opportunities in action.

SEO 101

  • The basic principles of SEO - the lay of the land.

5 SEO Hot Spots

  • The MOST important SEO trick you need to know.


  • Social Media: All that work that you do on social media...are the people who do go to your website quickly seeing what you sell or how they can hire you?
  • Blog: You're writing great content on your blog to attract new customers. Do they even know what you offer? Or are they just reading a great blog article and leaving?

WEBSITE ANALYSIS 1: Retail Lifestyle Product

  • This product is getting a lot of press, but is it clear how to buy? We will take a look!

WEBSITE ANALYSIS 2: Retail Baby Product (look for this in Part 2!)

  • There is one major reason why this product might not be ranking in Google.

WEBSITE ANALYSIS 3: Dog Food (look for this in Part 2!)

  • This business offers a lot of great options to pet owners who want to serve their dogs real fresh food. But can they buy all that she sells? We will take a look!

WEBSITE ANALYSIS 4: Subscription-Based Granola (look for this in Part 2!)

  • This product is sold on a very basic, well designed website that was featured on the Today Show. We will take a look at the success points in the buying process.

WEBSITE ANALYSIS 5: Services, Consultants and Coaches (look for this in Part 2!)

  • Let's make sure people can buy your services after all of that writing you are doing!


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