Selling Your Fiction Book to Publishers and Working With Editors


Writing a work of fiction and getting it published are two different things. The hardest part may be the selling of your book to a publisher. How does that process work? Who does one appeal to, and how? In this TuneUp, we speak with 4 time author Kelly O'Connor McNees who releases her 4th novel, Undiscovered Country, with Pegasus Books in 2018. Kelly shares with us her winning query letter that sold her book - we get to see the components of the letter that your letter will soon have too!

Kelly is also an editor-for-hire under her company Word Bird Edits, and you'll see why. Writing a book and submitting it to publishers or literary agents isn't enough. The manuscript must be almost perfect. Kelly reveals what a finished manuscript looks like - and while you may think it's done, it's really not.

Questions covered include:

  • What catches the eye of a publisher.
  • The components of a winning pitch query letter.
  • How the editing landscape has changed for editors who work in publishing houses.
  • Why fiction authors need to work with an editor before submitting the book idea.

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