[PR] What to Pitch the Press and Plan for Your PR Campaign in August


Kicking off the first Wednesday webinar of the month is Tin Shingle's popular series "What To Pitch", where you are given the strategic long and short lead stories and hot topics that the press are actively looking to cover for the month. During this webinar, the monthly focus was August  We're talking TV producers, magazine editors and even bloggers - it's PR in real-time! Whether you want to be sure you land on a talk show when it's back from hiatus with new shows for the fall season, or you want to be sure you're included in a Valentine's Day gift guide in a monthly magazine, this is the #TuneUp for you!

The key to landing press on television, in print or online is pitching stories that are magnetic and spot on - both in content and timing.  This is exactly what we give you in this series.  You will also get the actual story ideas and pitch topics you can use, and share how product creator, service providers and experts can customize them.

You will come away from this webinar with fresh ideas on what to pitch the media this month and the strategies you need to understand to make your pitch stand out and get picked up!

Covered In This Webinar

  • How you can make the end of summer lead to big last-minute press for your business on television and online.
  • What you need to be doing now to land fall television talk show segments.
  • Did you know that some long lead magazines are preparing for Valentine's Day already? We'll tell you what you need to know and how to prepare for it!
  • 5 proven, evergreen pitch angles every business can bring out of their tool box when your other pitches aren't landing or you need a fresh reason to share your story with the same person.
  • Still following up on your Holiday Gift Guide outreach? We're going to touch base here and access what you can be doing right now instead of hoping and wishing someone writes you back!

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