[PR] What to Pitch This Month: May


Every month we produce a broadcast with Katie Hellmuth Martin, Tin Shingle's co-founder, and Ashley Cox, Editorial Correspondent, to talk about "short lead" and "long lead" press ideas for that month.  Pitching can be overwhelming to many, especially if you are new at it. That is why this Tuneup streamlines the process, telling you what you should be pitching now, in the month of May.

In this Tuneup you will learn:

  • What are "short leads" vs 'long leads'?
  • How to get into Holiday Gift Guides during Christmas and why it will impact your summer vacation.
  • What themes and stories national magazines (think: Oprah, Cosmo, Sports Illustrated and more) are closing soon that you want and can be a part of. 
  • Why you need to be using Tin Shingle's 2017 Blog Planning and Production Calendar to help get connected with the trends that are happening now.

BONUS: A PR Pop Up Appearance from Misty Schwartz, founder of Schwartz Media Group, to tell us what she is working on that may be a fit for you, and what she is hearing about in the media world. That means special PR opportunities and tips just for you.


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