[PR] TuneUp - What to Pitch the Press and Plan for Your PR Campaign in July


Are you tired of pitches going on answered by the press? Do you wish that instead of crossing your fingers that what you're emailing to a producer, editor, reporter or blogger will connect you actually knew what stories they were looking for?  And how about your blog and social media feeds - what should they be sure to mention during the month of July?

Wonder no more! It's time for one of our monthly "What to Pitch" live webinars that includes a special section on what topics and promotions you'll want to include in your blog and/or social media feeds.

Covered In This Webinar

  • Your monthly PR prep to-do list: What you should be taking action on in the planning and preparation department over at your business for the month of July.
  • Short lead stories (think TV, online, newspaper) that your business can be pitching now! Both product and service business ideas are covered in this webinar.
  • Long lead stories - oh yes - what should your PR campaign be addressing and pitching to the long lead (monthly) magazines). Christmas in July? You betcha. Magazines are working on Holiday issues and you will hear how you can prepare and get into those issues.
  • Stand out from all the other holiday pitches - both summer holidays or winter. You will learn how you can!
  • Hot topics stories that the press continue to talk about this month. You can piggyback on national, local or global news stories for your own press! You will be given ideas in this webinar.
  • Motivation to get it done: as always, in every #TuneUp we include a live motivation pep talk and this #TuneUp will as well!

How to Watch

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Sabina HitchenSabina Hitchen is the co-founder of Tin Shingle and the President of Red Branch Public Relations.  She has been practicing, teaching and lecturing on all things public relations for over eight years and specializes in lifestyle public relations for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  Sabina's clients have appeared everywhere from the Today Show, Good Morning America and CBS This Morning to Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc.com, O the Oprah Winfrey Magazine, People StyleWatch, E! News and more.  She is a true believer that "it's PR not ER" and that every small business given the right skills and tools can excel at managing and understanding their public relations campaign.