[PR] TuneUp: What to Pitch This Month: June


Summer is starting and so is your summer pitching to magazines, TV and newspapers. This episode features Ashley Cox, our Editorial Calendar Corespondent, who is reporting in from what deadlines are approaching in the Editorial Calendars from Tin Shingle's database. Additionally, we are having a quick PR Pop-In from PR Specialist Misty Schwartz from the Schwartz Entertainment Media Group, to give us the scoop on what she's hearing from the trenches.

As always, this "What To Pitch This Month" Training TuneUp Webinar series covers three major areas of your PR pitching and social media campaigning:

  • Long Lead (what areas of interest the print magazines are working on right now)
  • Medium Lead (what areas of interest websites and celebrity weeklies are working on right now)
  • Short Lead (what is trending right now and you can sneak into your social media or last minute pitches into blogs and TV shows.

MAJOR HINT: Watch this TuneUp, guys, because here's the mind-bending rub for you: Most print magazines are done with summer. They've packed their bags and are tailgating for fall, and some are building their Holiday Gift Guides for winter. For real. If you wanted a big spread in a July issue, it's not going to happen. So try for fall! And listen to more TuneUps so that you get into the swing of things of how the media works, and when they work on certain ideas.